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Visit Vinoř and stay

There are any number of reasons to visit Vinoř, from its fabulous nature and excellent amenities to numerous valuable buildings. Come get a close-up look at a few of them. Perhaps then you’ll admit that the borough is worth more than just a visit.

Straight-line distance
from the city centre

13 km

Travel time to Letňany
metro station by bus

10 min



Total area
of Vinoř

5.99 km2

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Nature that will mesmerise you

A refreshing place on the hot days of summer, an escape [WA1] from the high temperatures, better air quality – these are just a few of the positive impacts that ample water resources have on the area. You’ll certainly enjoy making the Vinoř Nature Reserve a regular destination for your afternoon walks. Come have a look at this refuge for many rare plant and animal species.


Come… or catch a ride

Board one of the seven bus routes regularly serving Vinoř from Letňany metro station and you’ll arrive in minutes. There are even two night-time bus routes to Vinoř. And the direct connection to the motorway means one less concern for drivers. 

One place with all you need

A local post office. Plenty of shops and restaurants. Besides all the services you need, you’ll also find cultural venues – including the local community centre, the nearby Ctěnice Chateau, and Hoffman Court. You don’t have to worry about getting too little exercise because Vinoř also has its own sports hall. And parents will also welcome the fact that Vinoř has its own nursery and primary school.


A new better place to live

Come and discover the location which has everything you need for a better place to live

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