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The three V’s
of a new home

Veni Vidi Vinoř – or perhaps valuable, vital, and vast. Valuable given its location and unique blend of historic buildings and modern structures. Vital because all your needs are just a walk away. And vast is the only way to describe the spacious site, with just 134 units set on 30,000 m2 of land. 






to 5 BR


30 000

starting from

4.2 mil


Touch the past

Your sense of place is also affected by the past. Because the development is so closely connected to the original historic buildings, living at the new property means you’ll be able to literally touch yesteryear. Vinoř can pride itself on having left an important mark in history, which was found to date back as far as the ninth century following the discovery of the Vinoř Princess. 

Victory in the realm 
of residential living

Come and choose

The property connects modern buildings to an historic centre steeped in the rich history of Vinoř. Which option you choose is solely up to you. 

Luxurious Villas


Granary: the historical pride of Vinoř

The Veni Vidi Vinoř residential complex also encompasses the Granary, which is in the rear of the property. The early eighteenth-century building plays a very important role in the historical spirit of Vinoř, and we are carefully considering how to best utilise its exceptional character to enhance the comfort and quality of life for residents of the courtyard development.

Baroque Granary


New Town Hall at the Blacksmith’s Forge

A new Town Hall should be developed at the historic Blacksmith’s Forge site, which will likewise become a natural community centre. The property administrator will also be based inside this building. 

Historic Blacksmith Shop



Who’s behind the development?

Organically blending historic buildings with modern structures was one of the primary challenges faced by Qarta Architektura. Combining aesthetics with function is a common thread running through their expansive portfolio of development projects. And this has been an asset for the Veni Vidi Vinoř development.

Architecture is a tool that impacts city dynamics and improves the quality of life.

Ing. Arch. David Wittassek
Qarta Architektura


Superior standards

The place you spend by far the most time. The place you enjoy coming back to again and again. That’s home. The sense of home lies in the seeming details. This fact hasn’t been lost on us, which is why the residences at Veni Vidi Vinoř will be of the highest possible standard. 

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Come and listen

The silence here is only occasionally broken by the quiet rustling of the nature around us. Are we far from the centre? Not at all. In fact, Wenceslas Square is just thirteen kilometres away.

Veni Vidi Vinoř will enchant you.
Come and see for yourself!


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